Shiny double-bowl stainless sink.


Welcome to the Resources page! Make your life easier with this hand-picked collection of products I love and use to keep life organized. Check back often for updated recommendations. Please reach out if you have questions about any of them!

Pen and stack of planners and notebooks.

Store and Organize

Toy Storage Bins

This toy storage system is perfect. The open bins make it easy for kids to find and return their toys. Plus the bins are removable, so they can be taken to play areas and then back – with tiny toys or art supplies corralled. Can be used for crafts, sewing, tools and more!

8-Cube storage shelf with baskets and decor.
Cube Storage Shelf

Are you using cube storage shelves?They’re my organizing super-tool! We use them in our closet, guest room, home office and even the pantry. Repurpose an existing bookcase with adjustable shelves or get yours at IKEA or other home improvement stores.

Stack of labeled 12"x12" gray canvas storage cubes.
Foldable Storage Cubes

These foldable storage cubes are the magic way to organize and store everything from Barbie dolls to craft supplies to socks & underwear. They assemble in seconds, and the large printable labels let you know what’s inside. Get that stuff off the floor!

Alexa device with quotes of helpful prompts for staying productive.

My Absolute Top Resource

If you’re not using this little powerhouse, you’re missing out. Alexa is my unpaid personal assistant and second brain. And she needs no techy programming – just tell her to do something (make a phone call, give you store hours, set an alarm, an appointment reminder, make a shopping list..) and you’re golden. This little device has saved my bacon from almost missing countless important meetings. Absolutely indispensable!

Simplify your day with Alexa’s friendly help. She’ll give weather & news updates, hands-free timers and reminders, answers to your questions – and can even tell you jokes.

Books for an Organized Life

Atomic Habits

Written by habit expert James Clear, this is a powerful, easy-to-read book on how to create good habits and break bad ones. This book will literally change your life. Read it. And then read it again.

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Adult ADHD Tool Kit

This is the best book I’ve found on time management, organization, and self-care for adults with ADHD, from two industry pioneers. A little meaty, take some time to read and digest this one!

Sink Reflections

Written by “the Flylady,” this lighthearted book introduced me to the Zone cleaning method, with step-by-step instructions get rid of CHAOS by slowly decluttering and using routines.

Lifesavers for a Tidy Home

Powerful Vacuuming

Our Dyson was more expensive than other models, and I deliberated quite bit before finally pulling the trigger. Excellent decision! This lightweight, cordless stick vac hangs tucked away on its charger, so easy to grab in a second that it tends to get used more. Its pivoting head angles to get every nook & dust bunny, and the detachable tools handle chairs and stairs. No bags needed – just empty the bin – and the lifetime filter is washable. Three power modes for all types of floors. Even kids can use it – and they might even want to!

Microfiber Cleaning

With thousands of imitations, Norwex microfiber products are still my hands-down favorite after a decade of using them (no, I’m not a consultant). I honestly think Norwex cloths cut cleaning time in half. Norwex microfiber cleaning cloths easily pick up anything my grubby family lays down, and the window cloths literally make glass sparkle. Add the dusting mitts and the floor mop, and you’ve got a recipe for a happy homemaker. Oh – and did I mention they work without heavy-duty chemicals? Score!