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enormous pile of shoes in entryway

Hey there, fellow space-savers and shoe lovers! Are you constantly tripping over the shoe clutter on your floor?

Well, I’ve got some fun, creative ways to help you turn that cluttered mess into orderly calm.

I know, I know. Between you, the kids and the hubby, the struggle is real! Especially when you’re trying to organize shoes in small spaces.

Let’s get those shoes off the floor and into some smart storage! Here are 17 ideas you can try right away.

Without further delay – let’s get started!

Organize Shoes at the Door

organizing shoes at the front door
  1. Over-the-Door Racks: Picture this: you’ve returned home, and instead of kicking off your shoes willy-nilly, you neatly tuck them away behind your back door on a snazzy shoe rack. It’s a game-changer for keeping pairs of shoes organized in small spaces without using any precious floor space.
  2. Shoe Cubbies in Small Entryways: Transform your small entryway into a shoe haven with tailored cubbies. It’s the perfect welcome home — your favorite pairs are right there where you need them, making it the best way to keep clutter at bay.
  3. Shoe Storage Benches: With a shoe storage bench, you get two-in-one: it’s seating for your small entryway and a discreet place to store shoes. The best part? It’s a great choice for a family member to sit and change shoes.
  4. Vertical Shoe Cabinet: When square footage is at a premium in your small apartment, think upwards! A vertical shoe cabinet is a stylish lifesaver, letting you store shoes without eating into your living space.

Shoe Storage in the Closet

  1. DIY Tension Rod Shelves: Go DIY and create custom shelving in that narrow space of your small closet. Tension rods can be adjusted to fit different shoe sizes, from flip flops to winter boots, keeping them in tip-top condition. You can add a shelf on top of the tension rods, or just place the shoes straight on top. (Hint: Use two parallel rods, the back one slightly above the other, to angle your shoes for better viewing.)
  2. Clear Shoe Boxes: Keep your shoe collection in clear shoe boxes on the top shelf of your closet. It’s the best shoe storage idea to quickly find your favorite shoes while keeping them ready to wear.
  3. Hanging Shoe Organizers: Hang a shoe organizer in your coat closet to leverage vertical space. This great option keeps your closet floor clear, leaving lots of space for other storage needs.
  4. Shoe Storage for a Shoe Collector: Dedicate a section of your walk-in closet to your beloved shoes. A Carrie Bradshaw-like shoe lover would adore this professional organizer-approved system.
  5. Flip Flop Hangers: These hangers can be hooked onto coat racks or the back of a closet door. It’s a superb space-saver and a functional way to keep your sandals in one spot.

Creative and Fun Ideas to Organize Shoes

  1. High Heel Display: Turn your high heels into wall art! It’s an artsy idea for shoe lovers, acting as both a storage unit and a personal gallery in your bedroom.
  2. Wooden Crates Stacked on their Side: Stack wooden crates to craft an open and rustic shoe storage center. It’s a great DIY project that adds a touch of farmhouse chic to your home – plus a creative idea for repurposing old crates!
  3. Empty Paint Cans for DIY Options: Here’s a fun idea (that at first sounds crazy, I know). But seriously! Repurpose empty paint cans by decorating and then using them as holders for your daily shoes. Tip them on their sides, then stack them in an interesting geometric shape. It’s a creative and colorful way to add a personal touch to shoe storage.

Organize Shoes in Hidden Spaces

Shoe organization under stairway.
  1. Shoe Drawer: Sliding containers under beds are a prime example of smart use of limited space. They’re a professional organizer’s go-to for keeping seasonal shoes out of the way.
  2. Under Stairs Shoe Storage: The often-overlooked space under the stairs can become a chic and hidden area for your shoe storage cabinet. It’s a “best solution” for utilizing every inch of your home.
  3. Wicker Baskets Under Furniture: Slip some wicker baskets under a console table for a smart storage solution. It’s a simple way to keep shoes out of sight yet with easy access, especially for family members who need to grab and go.
  4. Shoe Storage Systems in Living Spaces: Incorporate shoe storage into your living space with multifunctional furniture. Ottomans with hidden compartments are a discreet way to store shoes, without making it look like you live in a dorm room.
  5. Morning Routine Shoe Station: Set up a small, dedicated area for only your most-worn shoes. It’s a functional way to streamline your morning outfit-picking routine, making those busy mornings a little smoother.

And there you have it! With these tips, your shoes will be so well-organized that you’ll have no trouble finding that perfect pair of shoes as you dash out the door.

And you won’t be tripping over the mess when you come home.

Remember – the key to a serene space is creativity, order and making the most of what you’ve got. So take these ideas, run with them (in your neatly stored shoes, of course), and give your small space the big makeover it deserves.

Until next time, may your shoes always be orderly, and your living space clutter-free!

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