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It’s that time of year again. I just turned my monthly planner page and got the reminder, “Time to buy your new planner!” You too?

Whether you’re a busy mom, a working professional, or someone with ADHD looking to create order in your life, it’s an absolute game-changer to choose the best planner.

In this blog post, we’re exploring the world of different planner options and uncovering the secrets of a daily, weekly, and monthly system.

We’ll also chat about undated planners and consider the best ones tailored to your specific needs – including the best planner for ADHD, moms, and homeschooling.

So belly up to your notepad, and let’s look at ways to keep track of appointments and organize your busy schedule in the new year.

Types of Planners: Daily, Weekly, Monthly, Undated

When trying to choose the best planner, it helps to know what to look for. Do you need lots of space to write? Do you like detailed notes? Or is just a quick, big-picture overview more important to you?

Woman trying to choose the best planner.

Here’s a breakdown of what you can expect from different formats.

Daily Planners: Seize the Day

Daily planners are your day-to-day companions, helping you handle all the important things life throws your way.

If you’re someone who thrives on taking life one day at a time, this type of planner might be your best friend.

What to Look for in a Daily Planner

When choosing a daily planner, consider the following:

  • Layout: Opt for daily pages that suit your organization style. Some people like detailed hourly slots, while others prefer lots of space for notes and to-dos.
  • Portability: Think about planner size if you plan on carrying it around. Daily pages add up fast and can become bulky.
  • Quality Paper: Quality paper is a must if you want to avoid annoying ink bleeding through.
  • Additional Features: Some daily planners come with extra features like goal-setting sections, habit trackers, blank pages and even inspirational quotes.

Weekly Planners: The Sweet Spot

Weekly planners strike a balance between our daily schedule and long-term goals. Weekly pages are the best choice for those who like to see their week at a glance and plan accordingly.

What to Look for in a Weekly Planner

Here’s what you need to consider when choosing a weekly planner:

  • Spacing: Make sure there’s plenty of space for daily tasks and appointments. (I’ve personally found that a weekly planner, in a larger size for extra writing space, is a good fit.)
  • Design: Some people prefer minimalist designs, while others love colorful and artistic layouts.
  • Durability: A durable cover and binding can make sure your planner lasts through the year.
  • Customization: Some planners allow you to personalize your weekly layout to fit your specific needs. These can be pretty handy.

Weekly planners strike a balance between our daily schedule and long-term goals.

Monthly Planners: Big Picture Planners

Monthly planners are the go-to choice for those who like to plan on a larger scale. The monthly layouts are perfect for goal setting, tracking important dates, and managing longer-term projects.

What to Look for in a Monthly Planner

When shopping for a monthly planner, keep these features in mind:

  • Monthly View: The primary feature is the monthly calendar view. Make sure it gives enough space for your notes and appointments.
  • Extra Pages: Look for extra pages for goal setting, tracking, and note-taking.
  • Size: Monthly planners can come in lots of sizes, from pocket-sized to large desk planners. Pick one that fits your lifestyle.
  • Durability: A sturdy cover and quality paper are essential so your planner withstands the test of time.

Undated Planners: Flexibility at Its Best

For those who can’t commit to a specific start date or want the freedom to skip a week without wasted pages, an undated planner is the answer. The hugely popular “bullet journal” is a good example of this style.

These versatile planners give you the flexibility to start whenever you like.

Benefits of Undated Planners

  • Custom Start Dates: You can begin your planner whenever it suits you, whether that’s in January or July.
  • Less Pressure: No need to worry about missing days or weeks. If life gets busy, simply pick up where you left off.
  • Reduce Waste: Undated planners cut down on unused pages, making them an eco-friendly choice.
  • Goal-Oriented: Undated planners often include goal-setting sections to keep you on track.

The Right Planner Based on Lifestyle

Now that we’ve covered the basics of daily, weekly, monthly, and undated planners, let’s get into some niche recommendations for specific lifestyles.

Best Planners for ADHD: Stay on Track

If you have ADHD, you know how important (and challenging!) it is to stay organized and focused. A well-structured planner can make all the difference.

  • The Full Focus Planner: This planner combines daily, weekly, and monthly sections, making it a great choice for ADHD people who want structured goal setting. Two things to note: It only covers 90 days, and those dates are not numbered. This is truly a planner, but not really a calendar. This is for prioritizing goals and the tasks to reach them.
  • The Bullet Journal: Many ADHD-ers love the bullet journal method. They find it a flexible and highly customizable system that fits like a glove. There are countless ready-made bullet journals on the market, or you can create your own from any “dotted” notebook. I love this idea, and Pinterest makes them all look so amazing! But then I tried a bullet journal and – nope. Seriously, who’s got that kind of time? I don’t want to make an art project just so I can remember my dentist appointment.
  • The Panda Planner: This planner is known for its positive psychology approach. It helps you prioritize tasks, set goals, and maintain a positive mindset. Again, it’s another undated planner, so it’s very flexible. If you miss a day, you can pick right back up without guilt or wasted pages. The Panda Planner comes in 3-, 6-, and 12-month versions.

Best Mom Planner: Conquer the Chaos

Moms have one of the busiest jobs in the world, so having a planner designed with their needs in mind is a game-changer.

Sticky note reminders on the steering wheel of an overworked mom's vehicle.

Top Picks for Mom Planners

  • Erin Condren LifePlanner: This popular planner is customizable and offers dedicated spaces for tracking your family’s schedule and meal planning. It comes in vertical and horizontal, weekly, daily and hourly formats – whichever way your mind works. And you can buy 3-ring refill pages or a stand-alone spiral planner. The options are endless!
  • The Happy Planner: It’s a colorful, creative planner that helps moms stay organized while embracing their artistic side. The disc-design makes it customizable, and it has lots of space for reminders, to-do lists, and planning.
  • MomAgenda: Specifically designed for busy moms, this planner includes features like space for multiple kids’ schedules and essential family information. You can also buy separate goodies for it like labels, tape and creative stickers.

Best Homeschool Planner: A+ for Organization

Homeschooling can be a rewarding but challenging undertaking! A homeschool planner can help you stay on top of lesson plans, schedules, and educational goals.

Top Homeschool Planner Recommendations

  • Bloom Teacher Planner: This versatile planner follows the school year and includes lesson planning pages, grading sheets, and space for classroom management.
  • Homeschool Panda: This is a digital planner that helps you manage schedules, assignments, and records in one place. Perfect for tech-savvy homeschoolers.
  • Well-Planned Day: A physical planner designed for homeschooling, it offers lots of space for planning lessons, tracking attendance, and setting goals.

Best Planner for Working Moms: Balance It All

Working moms are true superheroes, juggling careers, family life, and everything in between. Finding the right planner is critical for maintaining that work-life balance.

Busy mom working at desk with rowdy kids in the background.
  • Passion Planner: This goal-oriented planner provides tools for both personal and professional growth, making it ideal for working moms.
  • Clever Fox Planner: It includes sections for daily, weekly, and monthly planning, as well as goal setting and habit tracking. Available in both dated and undated styles, some versions also come with stickers and organizing labels.
  • Day Designer: With a focus on productivity and time management, Day Designer is a classic, long-time favorite among working moms looking to optimize their days.

Best Stay at Home Mom Planner: Organize Your Sanctuary

While working outside the home is demanding, being a stay-at-home mom comes with its own set of challenges. Choose the best planner to help you manage your time and maintain your sanity!

Top Picks for Stay at Home Mom Planners

  • Moms On Call Planner: This planner is a blend of parenting advice and planning tools, making it a well-rounded choice for stay-at-home moms.
  • The Simplified Planner: Created by Emily Ley, this is a quality, classic planner to help you simplify your life – a perfect for stay-at-home moms looking for more balance.
  • The Homemaker’s Friend Daily Planner: This planner focuses on home management for women of faith, with dedicated sections for meal planning, cleaning schedules, and to-do lists.

Wrapping Things Up

In the world of planners, there’s no one-size-fits-all solution, just a matter of personal preferences. Your perfect planner depends on your unique lifestyle – whether you’re a mom, a professional, or someone with ADHD.

Different types of planners all offer their own advantages, and it’s up to you to find the one that matches your style. Take some time to check out the options, read reviews, and maybe even test a few!

The right fit can transform your life, helping you stay organized, productive, and on top of your goals. Start today and get ready to seize the new year like a pro. Happy planning!

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