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Wrapping gifts from the Christmas holiday checklist.

Does Christmas Day sneak up on you like a silent snowflake – only to land with a thud of last-minute panic? Then it’s time to decorate the holiday season with a dash of organization and heaps of festive cheer.

With this six-week Christmas planning checklist, you’ll tackle Christmas preparations in festive, manageable chunks – leaving you plenty of time to enjoy the most magical time of the year.

Let’s get started!

Six Weeks Out – The Perfect Time for Lists and Dreams

First Week of November

Right now, Christmas is just a cozy thought away. It’s the perfect time to dream and draft without the pressure.

  • Start by creating your ultimate Christmas checklist. This isn’t just any list – it’s the blueprint of your holiday season. It should include everything from the gifts you plan to buy to the holiday baking you want to indulge in.
  • Don’t forget to add sending Christmas cards and wrapping gifts to your agenda.
  • And since it’s early November, keep an eye out for Black Friday sales. You don’t want to break the holiday budget!

Five Weeks Out – Launch Your Christmas Planning Checklist

Second Week of November

With your list ready, it’s time to launch your plan. This week, focus on two main tasks: gift lists and charity.

  • Gather ideas for family members and friends, and start purchasing gifts. Early December is often too late for those special, thoughtful presents, so get a head start and beat the rush. If you’re creating any handmade gifts, you should be working on them.
  • And keeping in mind the reason for the season, choose a charity or volunteer activity now, so you can dedicate time or resources when they’re most needed.
A Christmas planning checklist that includes kind acts.

Four Weeks Out – Deck the Halls and Address the Cards

Third Week of November

As Thanksgiving leftovers disappear, it’s time to think about holiday decorations. Set aside a day to put up Christmas decorations. Unboxing and placing decorations early ensures you can fix or replace anything that’s not sparkling joy.

Plus, it’s a good idea to start addressing your Christmas cards now. A few each evening with your favorite Christmas tunes will make the task fly by!

Three Weeks Out – Wrap, Bake, and Revel in Festivity

Last Week of November

Can you feel the Christmas spirit yet? This week is all about action!

  • Set up your Christmas tree and indulge in the tradition of tree trimming with family.
  • Your earlier planning pays off as you wrap gifts leisurely, armed with wrapping paper, scissors, and gift tags.
  • This is also a good time to start your holiday baking. Freezable treats can be made now and enjoyed all season long.

Two Weeks Out – Mailings and More Merriment

First Week of December

It’s the first week of December, and the big day is in sight! Your earlier efforts mean you’re ahead of the game.

  • Now’s the time to mail packages long distance to ensure they arrive well before Christmas Eve.
  • Also, drop those addressed Christmas cards at the post office.
  • And if you’ve been following your Christmas checklist, you’ll find there’s still plenty of time to revisit your gift list for any last-minute additions.

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One Week Out – The Home Stretch to a Joyous Christmas

Second Week of December

The final countdown has begun! Focus on house cleaning this week. Doing a deep clean now means only touch-ups will be needed closer to Christmas Day.

Check your pantry and make sure you have all you need for your holiday meal. It’s also a prime time to confirm plans with family members for the big day. Everyone should know who’s hosting, what they’re bringing, any family activities and what time the festivities begin.

And if you’re having overnight guests, double check any travel plans – and freshen any extra bedding in the spare room.

The Final Days – Christmas Eve to New Year’s Eve

Third Week of December and Onward

The last minute is here, but you’re all set. The final week leading to Christmas Eve should be all about relaxation and enjoyment. Take a stroll around the neighborhood to admire the lights, watch a classic Christmas movie, or enjoy a cup of eggnog with a good book.

On Christmas Eve, prepare any dishes that can be made ahead of time. Lay out outfits for the next day, and if there are children in your life, track Santa’s journey around the globe together.

Christmas morning arrives with a calm house, presents under the tree, and a heart full of memories in the making. Your careful plans and preparations have helped make this holiday special for you and everyone around you.

Opening a gift on Christmas morning.

The post-Christmas week is a good time to reflect on the joys of the season and maybe start jotting down ideas for next year.

And as the New Year dawns, you’re not just starting fresh; you’re riding high on the success of a well-planned and beautifully executed holiday season.

Printable Christmas Planning Checklist

With this handy Christmas to-do list in hand, the days of last-minute Christmas preparations are over. Relax and just enjoy the magic of the season!

Just click the following link to download this printable Christmas planning checklist. Keep it near your planner, so you’re all set up for next year!

Final Thoughts

In these six weeks, you’ve turned the chaotic, disorganized rush into a calm, serene glide through the Christmas season. With this list of Christmas preparations, planning for Christmas has become not just manageable, but also a special part of the holiday magic.

Merry Christmas from our house to yours – and a very Happy New Year!

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