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Tired of feeling like a Hot Mess?

Let’s fix that.

Some women are born organized. The rest of us learn as we go. If you’ve spent a lifetime trying to get it together, I’ve got great news: This website it all about finding calm, order and purpose. And guess what? You’re right on time.

organization is the key to efficiency


At One Life Organized, it’s all about simplifying our lives so we can focus on what matters. Let these three magic words unlock the secret to a more empowered, purposeful you!

Feeling stuck and don’t know where to start? The beginning is a great place.

Life can be crazy: The kids lose their homework, dinner is burned, the boss wants his report yesterday and the toilet is plugged.

And on top of all that – the goldfish died!

Life happens.
and we’ve got a plan.

Get ready for a focused approach to taming the chaos in your life.
Pen and stack of planners and notebooks.

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Meet Dana

Hi, I’m Dana! I run on books and coffee. I love logic puzzles, cozy mysteries and bad karaoke.

I’m passionate about staying organized and productive so I can put good things into the world. And I’m on a mission to help like-minded women do the same.

If you’re crushed by a chaotic lifestyle and ready to feel better, you’ve found your tribe.

Keep reading for more about me and what you can expect from One Life Organized.